Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening may be performed for a variety of different reasons – both functional and cosmetic. Crown lengthening can improve the look of a person’s smile, but can also be helpful in cases where teeth have broken below the gum line or do not have enough structure for restoration.

This procedure involves your doctor accessing the area below the gum line and increasing the amount of tooth material that is exposed, usually by modifying the surrounding bone and tissue, effectively lengthening the tooth. Next, the area is sutured and allowed to heal- your doctor will let you know when the area is fully recovered. This procedure is meant to alter the crown to gum ratio through reflection of a full thickness flap and removal of bone. 

Crown Lengthening vs. Osseous Surgery:

A crown lengthening is performed in a healthy periodontal environment, where as osseous surgery is performed in the presence of periodontal disease. Osseous surgery involves modifying the bony support of the teeth by reshaping the upper and lower jaw bones to achieve a more physiologic form. Osseous surgery includes either removal of supporting bone (ostectomy) or non-supporting bone (osteoplasty). 

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