Simple Extractions

Tooth Extraction Illustration

A tooth extraction refers to the process of having a tooth ‘pulled’. In some cases, patients may be seen for an extraction of a tooth, or multiple teeth, without the need for additional surgical procedures (such as bone grafting).

In cases where a tooth is fully erupted from the gum and can be removed non-surgically (without making an incision), it is considered a ‘simple extraction’. In these procedures, your doctor uses a specially designed instrument to gently and slowly remove the tooth from the socket. 

Once the tooth has been removed, your doctor will clean out the extraction site so that the healing process can begin. Depending on the size and positioning of the tooth, your doctor may need to use stitches to close the site.

Some individuals do not need and/or wish to replace an extracted tooth, and require no further treatment if the site has healed properly. Those who are looking for eventual replacement can be fitted with a temporary tooth while they are healing – after which your doctor can discuss permanent replacement options with you. 

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