Patients With Infections Postoperative Care

    1. Please make sure you leave the office with all of your prescriptions. If you have any questions concerning the medications prescribed, please feel free to ask the doctor before you leave.
    2. Take all prescribed pain medications as directed. Please remember to take any of these medications with some food in your stomach.  Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or drink alcohol while taking any of these narcotic medications.
    3. If you have not been given a prescription for prescription strength Motrin or Ibuprofen, please purchase a bottle of over-the-counter Motrin or Ibuprofen and take 400-600 mg every 6 hours for the next 7 days unless specified by the doctor.  If you cannot take Motrin or aspirin products due to allergies or other medical conditions, please take what you would normally take for pain. If you are unsure what you can take, please consult with the doctor. Again, it is important to take this medication with food in your stomach as well.
    4. Sleep or rest with your head elevated on 2 pillows for 5 days to allow the swelling to follow a downward direction.
    5. A cold compress is recommended for 24-48 hours immediately following surgery. Moist, warm heat can be applied if needed following this for any muscle soreness or joint stiffness.
    6. A diet of soft foods is recommended for patients with infections. This means no foods with sharp edges and/or no foods that are small and can get stuck in the surgical site. Please avoid foods with residue or seeds.

Starting immediately after surgery, rinse your mouth with the Peridex mouth rinse as directed. You will also need to rinse with a 12 oz. glass of hot salt water every hour while you are awake.

    1. Please practice normal oral hygiene after surgery with care not to brush in the surgical area until it is no longer tender.
    2. No smoking or drinking through a straw after surgery for 1 week. Failure to do this may increase the chances of a dry socket.
    3. No strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for 3 days after surgery.
    4. You should start drinking clear liquids as soon as possible and advance to a regular diet as soon as you can tolerate one. Avoid hot or spicy foods as they may irritate the surgical area. Failure to take enough liquids may result in dehydration and a dizzy feeling. Please call the office if you experience such a feeling.

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