Sinus Surgery


  • Purchase an antihistamine and start using it two (2) days prior to your procedure.  For patients using medication to regulate their blood pressure, please purchase antihistamine accordingly (you may check with your pharmacist with any questions).  The use of this antihistamine will continue for seven (7) days after surgery.
  •  Purchase Afrin nasal spray and bring this to your appointment.  You will continue use of this product for a total of three (3) days after surgery.


  • Please make sure you leave with all prescriptions and ask questions regarding these prescriptions before leaving the office.
  • Apply ice to the surgical area for the first 24 hours only.  This is done for 20 minutes and then removed for 20 minutes over the course of an hour.  Repeat this cycle every hour while you are resting (packages of frozen vegetables make great ice packs or use ice in resealable sandwich bags).  Remember, ice for the first 24 hours only.  Also, cold drinks are recommended for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Take all prescribed medications as directed.  If you are able to take Motrin or aspirin products, please purchase a bottle of over the counter ibuprofen (if it was not prescribed for you) and take 400-600 mg. every 6 hours, and it should be taken for the next 7 days unless specified by the doctor.  If you cannot take Motrin or aspirin products due to allergies or other medical conditions, please take what you would normally take for pain.  If you are unsure what you can take, please consult with the doctor.
  • Please purchase a 12 hour decongestant (non-drowsy formula), such as Claritin, and use as directed for 7 days.  If you are uncertain as to what medication you should purchase, please check with the pharmacist.  If you have high blood pressure, ask the pharmacist for an antihistamine that will not raise your blood pressure.
  • Sleep or rest with your head elevated on two pillows for 5 days to allow swelling to follow a downward direction

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